Get Involved with the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 public charity formed in July of 2016 to support the 270-mile long bicycle trail in Florida. 


Your donation will help the Alliance advance its missions to complete and promote the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop and to make riding the Loop safer and more enjoyable by providing maps and amenities. To make a tax deductible donation click on the DONATE NOW button at the top right.  

To make a donation via check please request our address on the "Contact Us" form. 

Other Assistance

We are a new organization - a very small but dedicated team - and looking for help of all kinds. We are working hard to build our organization and our website. If you want to get involved please don't hesitate to use the "Contact Us" form. If you have web development or graphics design skills or any other special interests or knowledge, please let us know.   

Sharing Information on our Website

If you wish to become a Contributor to submit information about the Loop (including Events near the LOOP or amenities near the LOOP such as restaurants or shops) or if you are interested in becoming a Correspondent to help us keep on top of what's happening around the loop and to share news and events through our website and newsletter, please use the Contact Us form.