About the Loop

About the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Multiuse Paved Trail

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop is one of two top-priority Florida SUN Trails (Shared-Use Non-motorized paved trails).  The 260-mile Loop is about 50% complete as of spring 2021. 

New sections are constantly being designed and constructed, but this process takes time.  In this map we’ve colored the incomplete sections brown since the color coding is useful for trail builders but not of interest to cyclists.  We are working to make the website more responsibe to people wanting to know where the trail can be used now and adding Ride With GPS maps with suggestions.   

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop is made up of many sections, some are new sections that connect existing trails with traditional names that are more recognizable than the new long distance trail names.

The route can easily be seen and navigated by clicking on this map.

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A note about color coding:

In all our maps except the Ride with GPS Maps, completed trail sections are indicated with green.  In most maps incomplete sections are indicated with either brown (as in the map below) or multi-colored based on FDOT's color coding scheme.  The NON-GREEN sections do not indicate ridable routes -they indicate in work sections.

In our "Ride With GPS" Maps,  to be more consistent with normal use, completed sections are indicated in RED.   SUGGESTED interim on-road routes are indicated in BLUE.  These on-road routes are only suggested for experienced riders.


St Johns River-to-Sea Loop

and trailheads and campgrounds can be explored in the story map.


St Johns River2SeaLoopTrailheadsCamps


We typically describe the Loop running clockwise with our sister trail the Coast to Coast Trail from Titusville to DeBary where the two trails split.  The Coast to Coast runs Southwest to St Petersburg while the Loop heads north to Palatka, then east to St Augustine and the south along the coast back to Titusville. However in the following “Where to Ride now” sections we begin at DeLeon Springs State Park   and proceed around the Loop counter-clockwise, discussing first the south region, then the east coast, and then the north region. 

 Where to Ride Now

This section focuses on long, 20 miles or more, completed sections of the Loop.  Although there may be some remaining gaps in these sections these are mostly easily navigated by experienced riders.  We recommend that casual riders, or those with children, stay on completed trail sections (shown in green on most maps).  In the Ride with GPS maps, completed sections are indicated in red, which suggested interim road routes are indicated in blue.  . 

St Johns River-to-Sea Loop South Region

In the South/SouthWest Regions two well-known Trails are the Spring to Spring Trail and the East Central Regional Rail Trail (ECRRT). 

We begin directions for "Where to Ride Now" in the South Region at DeLeon Springs State Park, on the Spring to Spring Trail section of the Loop.

River2SeaLoop Spring to Spring Section

Click on the map below for details and links to a Ride With GPS map.

Spring to Spring Trail of River2SeaLoop

(sections below coming soon)

River2SeaLoop ECRRT

The Spring to Spring turns into the ECRRT at Green Springs.

East Region

Daytona Beach Area

Flagler Area

North Region

St Augustine to Palatka Section



About the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance in a 501(c)3 charitable organization with the mission to advance, advocate, support, promote and protect the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop and connecting multi-use trails and to improve active, equitable mobility for all through positive changes to culture, policy and infrastructure.  You can help by becoming a Trail Alliance Partner or Member at our website River2SeaLoop.Org. 

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